Saturday, July 18, 2009

Swap Art

Here are two postcards that I am considering for a swap based on Doodles. The card on the left is based upon a game that I developed while I was teaching. You place random dots on a page. You then connect the dots with straight lines until you have a completed "loop." You then color in the shapes (either the postive or negative space) making sure that no two colors touch each other.

The second postcard is a homage to one of my favorite websites . I visit this blog every day. For this postcard, you take a single continuous line that crosses itself. You then make pictures based on the loops. It took me several tries because my hand would not allow itself to reverse direction. Once I freed my self from this deficiency, I had something that I could work with. BTW, the little blob above Tonto is supposed to be a feather and the little blob above the cyclops is supposed to be mistletoe.

BTW, if you are interested in doodling art you can visit here or here.

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