Monday, August 14, 2017

Coloring--Day One

This is week will be dedicated to coloring. Different people have different definitions of coloring but I simply go with the most basic definition--adding color to something. I am participating in an adult coloring book swap. We have three other partners and we are required to color two pages in our partners' coloring book.

When I color, I always color on a smooth surface. I usually enlarge my coloring surface by using a piece of foam core. I like the smooth surface of foam core. The problem with coloring directly on a surface is that you can transfer the texture of the surface onto your coloring page. Since I normally don't want to do this, I work on foam core. On top of the foam core, I usually place a piece of newsprint to capture all of the bleed through and so I can make any notations that I want.

This page was colored using Copic Markers for the background. I always keep my colors (regardless of medium) out until that particular phase of the coloring is completed. I used the markers for the background only. I use the newsprint to sample the colors that I want to use and to make notations of the colors should I need to reference them later.

The foreground of the page was filled in using Sharpie Extra Fine markers. Granted this is a non-traditional style of coloring. This is more like a mix of coloring and doodling.

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