Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #12--Parade Hats

My Stetson

For Challenge #12 we were tasked with the theme of "animals." I struggled with this challenge but a buddy of mine bailed me out of trouble with a special project with which he needed my help. The last weekend of June is Gay Pride Weekend in New York City. There are two celebrations--the Gay Pride Parade which happens on the last Sunday in June. On the Friday night preceding the parade, there is a costume parade that happens in the heart of Chelsea/West Village. During the costume parade, people dress up and walk through Chelsea. It is one of the two big "hat parades" in NYC. Similar to the celebration of hats at Ascot, NYC celebrates hats at the Costume Parade and the Easter Bonnet Parade in NYC.

My friend had a hat that he wanted me to adorn for the parade. I had an old Stetson that I bought from a thrift store for $10 that needed reblocking and adornment. So, I went to the fashion district and bought feathers.

The first hat is mine. The Stetson was worn and curled. I resteamed it, added a leather cord and simply stuck some feathers under the leather cord. Total time--five minutes.

The second hat is my friend's hat. He gave me the basic brown hat and asked me to "fix it" to make it something "fabulous." I took some old trim, a leather weaved belt and some feathers. and Voila-- a fabulous hat for him.
My friend's hat
and trim
yes, and an old belt and buckle

To say the least--he is VERY, VERY pleased.

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kat said...

Love, love, love! I love the grand feathers you were able to get. It makes me want to make a fabulous hat to wear to the Pride parade here on Sunday or wish we had a hat parade.