Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Iron Craft 2016 Challenge #3--Fabric Ribbon

Gauze Ribbon and roses
The theme for Challenge #3 was the letter G. In an attempt to continue to downsize my stash, I decided to use some of the tie dye materials left over from this challenge from last year. So for this challenge, I used "green" as my G.

I also wanted to use some of the white cotton gauze fabric that I had left over from a previous project. I had ordered some gauze online from Jo Ann Fabrics. I never had ordered fabric online (as I usually just go to any of the fabric stores in Manhattan). What I failed to realize was that you need to ask for a continuous piece of material for your full yardage. I ordered five yards of material and they sent me three different pieces that totaled five yards. So I had all this material that I couldn't use for the original project.

Finally, I love when I can get double use from an Iron Craft Challenge. I have a friend that is getting married this spring. She is have a garden themed wedding and reception and she has asked me to wrap the bridesmaid/groomsmen gifts.

I tried to explain to her what I wanted to do for the gifts (scarves for women and ties for men). She is a visual person so I had to do some mock ups for her.

I took the gauze and died with the tie dye liquid dyes. I then hand tore lengths of the gauze to act as ribbon for the packages. The packages will be wrapped with plain white butcher paper. The gauze will be used as ribbon and tied in a bow. Flowers (duplicated from the bride's bouquet) will be placed under the bow.

Gauze wrapped gift
Here is the gift with a single Calla Lily

Here is the gift with three roses

Here is the gift with a a single rose and yarrow type filler.

Here is the gift with spider mums and baby's breath.
Top View
Side View


kat said...

Ok, that is bizarre that they sent you 5 yards in three lengths. No one would order fabric like that! Anyway, you've made great use of it here. If I was the bride I would be so proud to give any of these.

Dr. Russ said...

I think I am a little partial to the three rose version.