Sunday, January 24, 2016

365 Day 2016 Project--Week 4

Week Four--In the Books.

I like this one. The idea was to create confusion with the arrows so that the quote would have a little more meaning.
January 18
 This one I did at the theater with Sharpie Fine Point markers.
January 19
 I like this font.
January 20
This one brought back some memories from my childhood. I remember my teacher chastising me because I colored the grass blue rather than green. She taught me that there really was a way to correct color in my coloring book.
January 21
I like the sun on this page.
January 22
I like the plaid on this page. I started to use the block side of the Copic markers to obtain the thick lines
January 23
Another creation from the theater. The funny thing about this page is that I had to do it twice. On the first attempt, I forgot the first "c" in the word practice. I ended up cutting an extra page and taping it over the original page.
January 24

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