Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Even More Wrapping Paper

Here is another in a series of wrapping paper that I made. This was made for one of the actors in the show at my theater. I found two Star Wars Commemorative mugs and decided to wrap them in handmade wrapping paper. The first design is a leaf and berry design. It is a basic stencil that is repeated three times across the sheet. 

When I work on these projects, I work on the stenciled image first and then work on the backgrounds. I usually like to offset negative and positive space. In the above paper, in the first and third group, I decided to concentrate on the positive space. To add a little interest, I colored the berries in different colors.  In the center group, I decided to highlight the negative space. The background is a red, white and blue plaid.

The second pattern uses a vine and leaf design. The stencil is the same for both sides. On the left side, I decided to highlight the positive space and doodled the leaves and colored the vines. The background is done in a Columbia blue in a pattern that I call lazy diamonds. It is accomplished by drawing horizontal lines and then diagonal lines. The right side of the paper highlights the negative space by filling in the background with horizontal lines. in complimentary green color.

Left side detail
Right side detail

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