Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Iron Craft 2015 Challenge #2--Hipster Hat

My new hipster look
For the second Iron Craft Challenge, we were tasked with creating something for someone we love--including yourself. Well, I couldn't pass up making something for myself could I? I decided to make one of those hipster beanie/toboggan/knit caps that seem to be the rage in California. I had this jersey knit material in my stash waiting to find a use for it. I was going to make pillow cases out of it. The interior is lined with a black jersey knit but it was too wonky to share.

Basically this is two lengths of material sewn on the left and bottom edges with right sides facing each other. I then cut and darted the grey jersey to form the shape of the hat (and thus leaving the black liner still intact. You then repeat the process for the black/liner material. You sew the right seam to the left seam and leave an opening so you can pull it through the opening. You turn inside out so that the raw edges are inside the hat and sew shut the opening. Even though the hat is reversible, the grey/graphic side turned out better so that is the side that I tend to wear showing.

The better side
As you can see below, not all of the seams aligned themselves but until I am around really tall people this won't show.
Don't look too close
I am kind of proud of this hat as it was a total sewing adventure for me since I am still honing my skills with the sewing machine. I will say that jersey knit is the pits to work with.


kat said...

Wow, that is a big project for a novice sewer! I think it turned out fantastic.

luluvision said...

Great job on the hat!! And you definitely got the hipster look down pat!

playsculptlive said...

I agree with you that jersey knits are difficult to work with. You did a great job though. Very nice!