Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Iron Craft Challenge 8

This week we were told to refurbish, renew, recycle, or repurpose something. After viewing Silvia's Iron Craft #7 challenge I decided to do a paper weaving project.

The front of the book

I receive free paper products every time that I visit Japan to go paper shopping. I have been shopping with some of my vendors for over 25 years so I am always receiving gifts when I go and visit. One of the most common gifts that I receive is a new calendar. I usually come home with several new calendars after every visit. I have always wandered about what to do with these outdated calendars and this was a perfect chance to use one.

The back of the book
 I decided to do a simple pamphlet book with a card stock cover. I then used 1" strips to cover the card stock. There was no rhyme or reason to the placement of the strips but I tried to use parts of the calendar that had some color. I also wanted to make sure that I used some of the lettering and numbers.

For the endsheets, I decided to parts of the calendar header so that it would be a little bit more pleasing to the eye.

Overall, I am very pleased with the way that the booklet turned out. While the paper weaving was a little finicky, I would be willing to do a similar project. I would like to go on the record to say how much I have the new Blogger setup. It really sucks.

Front cover endsheet

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