Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Iron Craft Challenge #6--The Eggotine

For this challenge we were tasked to work with Peeps. For those fortunate souls out there without access to Peeps, you got to create something inspired by Peeps. Many people already know my aversion to anything Peeps and with that annoying commercial airing right now (with the one cute kid espousing all about the wonderfulness of Peeps), I could about puke. I don't like to eat them and I especially don't even like to touch them. So today, I decided to create an Eggotine.

Step One: Take a pretty papier mache egg and cover it with a beautiful piece of Washi. This was practice for a later project.

Pretty Washi Covered Egg
Step Two: Utilize a Bunny Peep. It looks like the bunny is looking inside the egg. I wonder what he found.

Cute Bunny Butt in the air
 Step Three: Activate the Eggotine--An Egg Guillotine.

Oh shucks--Bunny got his head chopped off
You will never realize how much fun I had making this. This still makes me chuckle every time I see it. I think that I have been watching to many crime dramas because I had to get the blood splatter patterns just right.

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kat said...

You are too funny! Notice I chose not to do anything with real Peeps either ;)