Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Iron Craft 40

This week we were challenged to make something out of a glass or container. I cheated a little bit and make something with glass rather than out of glass. Some might call it cheating--I call it using artistic license.

The title of this piece is "Pickled Garden." I cut a flower garland out of card stock and then wrapped it around some PVC pipe and glued it to the lid of a mason jar. There are three layers of garland and two different PVC pipes.

The first layer is wrapped on the inside circumference of the smaller pipe. The second layer is wrapped around the outside of the smaller pipe. The smaller pipe is then placed inside the larger PVC pipe. The last layer is wrapped on the outside of the larger PVC pipe.

(l) Pickled Garden

(r) detail of the lid


kat said...

I think you fit the challenge exactly, since all I really meant was use the jar in your project. I love how you adapted the challenge to work with your paper crafts.

luluvision said...

"you cut a flower garland out of paper!" Well, you glossed over that one! The design looks so intricate! This is great! I need to get back to some iron crafting!